The Writer's Station
Atlanta, GA


I’m Grace and I’m a writer.

I’m also:

an editor
a lifelong reader
a WordPress nerd
a lover of superheroes
a movie and TV Geek

I also have an MBA in marketing, and I’m currently pursuing my professional certification in editing with The University of Chicago—home of The Chicago Manual of Style, the authoritative style guide used by fiction editing professionals.

The Magic of a Well-Written Book

Despite my TV and movie addictions, and my fanatical superhero tendencies, for me, nothing beats the feeling of getting lost within the pages of a great book. As writers, that feeling is the promise we make to our readers. I created The Writer’s Station to help writers deliver on that promise.

A well-written book has the power to transform someone’s life or, at the very least, someone’s day. It takes skill to create stories that make a lasting impact on readers. Dedicated writers understand that this skill needs developing, so we attend workshops, join critique groups, and read every craft book we can get our hands on. We hone our craft because we know that’s what great writers do. But there’s more to being an author than just writing a good book.

The New Writer’s Block

We’ve all heard the advice about writer’s block: Write through it; If you want to be an author, you’ve got to make writing a habit; Don’t wait until you’re inspired to write, write anyway. It’s all great advice. But what few people talk about (because most writers don’t really want to hear it) is that, for most of us, writing a good book won’t be enough.

The unwillingness to accept the business side of writing is the new writer’s block. But, if your goal is to one day make a living from it, the advice about treating your writing career like it’s a business is as valuable as the advice to write whether you’re inspired or not.

You Don’t Have to Marry It

I love the art and craft of writing, and the joy that putting pen to paper brings, but I also love the marketing side of sharing stories with the world.

Yes, you read that right. I love it. I’m the rare breed of writer who is in a long-term, committed relationship with marketing. A fifteen-year career in marketing and product management tends to have that effect on you.

But you don’t have to love marketing to make it work for you. And you don’t have to marry it. You will, however, have to take it out on a few dates. Okay, a lot of dates. The good news is, I want to be your own personal marketing Cyrano de Bergerac, helping you find the right words to shape and share your story.

The Most Successful Authors Learn the Right Mix

Storytelling and marketing might not seem like ideal bedmates, but they are. From the moment you start writing your story, telling friends about it, and posting updates about your word count on social media, you’re marketing yourself as a writer. And that’s regardless of your chosen path to publishing.

Learning the mix of marketing and writing that fits your personality, style, and genre can mean the difference between making a living as a writer or getting lost in the morass.

Destination: Author

As writers, we’re all on this journey together. We might take different paths, our routes will sometimes vary widely, but for most of us, the destination is clear: author.

I’ve spent the last several years immersed in the world of writing and publishing, studying the craft and learning how authors can reach the largest audience with the right combination of craft and business acumen. I intend to apply everything I’ve learned to my own fiction writing career and to help as many writers as I can along the way.