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Grace brought my book to life, teaching me how to capture reader’s hearts through organically weaving depth and emotion into my scenes. Grace has a gift for knowing what I want to say better than I do, writing several of my favorite lines in my novel. After her editing, I received several requests from editors and agents, won multiple awards and got an offer of representation from an agent. TERRA WEISS, WINNER OF 4 ATLANTA WRITER’S BEST MANUSCRIPT AWARDS AND MAGGIE AWARD FINALIST

Terra Weiss

Author, The Wingmom Series

Editing Services


Stylistic Editing/Line Editing
If your sentences sound stilted and your dialogue lacks emotion, a style edit might be just what the editing doctor ordered. As a student of both The University of Chicago’s Editing Certificate Program and the EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association), I have been able to combine my talent for injecting manuscripts with style with the technical expertise required of all good editors.

Stylistic editing (also called line editing) addresses style and clarity. As a stylistic editor, I focus on improving word choice, “pumping” up flat or monotonous sentences and paragraphs, highlighting and eliminating overused words and phrases, and helping writers tweak the infamous “show don’t tell.”  Stylistic editors have an eye for rhythm and flow and help writers make their words sing, all with the goal of satisfying the writer’s target audience.

Stylistic edits should be done after the writer has a fairly cohesive plot and story, but before she enters the copyediting and proofreading stages of her work. Why? Imagine having your manuscript copyedited and proofread only to have a stylistic editor recast entire sentences and paragraphs—requiring another round of proofreading.


Basic copyediting services include: correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; identifying and correcting formatting errors; checking for repetitive word usage and suggesting alternatives; and performing document cleanup functions.


Editing Rates

Stylistic Editing/Line Editing (Includes copyediting)

.019 cents per word. (ex: 60k words = $1140) 

  • Revising manuscript at the sentence and paragraph level to improve overall flow and clarity
  • Enhancing dialogue and character interactions to elicit maximum emotional impact from readers
  • Reading and revising with an eye for “Show, don’t tell”
  • Improving scene and chapter transitions as needed
  • Author Summary Report


.009 cents per word. (ex: 60k words = $540)

  • Identifying and correcting grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors
  • Editing for word choice
  • Identifying and correcting formatting errors

The 20K Special – $340

Querying agents but can’t afford to have your entire manuscript edited? Make sure your first twenty thousand words are in tip-top submission shape by ordering the 20k Special. This edit includes:

  • A comprehensive stylistic edit of the first 20k words of your manuscript
  • A complete copyedit of the first 20k words
  • Author Summary Report


Grace helped develop, strengthen, and find my voice as a writer. Her professional, yet thoughtful, editing skills have stuck with me while I pursue a writing career. Under Grace’s tutelage, I have won or finaled in several prestigious writing contests, which resulted in agent and editor requests for my full manuscript. I will continue to call upon Grace’s editing skills and strategies in the future. CHRISTINA CRAYN, TALES FROM THE VIRGIN VAULT, FIVE-TIME WINNER OF THE ATLANTA WRITER’S CLUB BEST PITCH AWARD, FINALIST IN FIRE & ICE AND THE MAGGIE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE

Christina Crayn

Author, Tales From the Virgin Vault

Free Sample Edit

Get started today with a free, 1,250-word sample edit. Why? So you can be sure you’re getting exactly the kind of editing you need, and so we can both be confident we’re an editing match made in heaven. Please select pages from the beginning and middle/end of your manuscript, as I’ve found doing so provides a more accurate writing style sample.

All edits are done electronically in Microsoft Word using editing and comment functions.

For more information about editing services, and rates, please email grace (@)