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A New Take on Author Marketing For Writers Who Hate Marketing

Author Marketing

author-marketingFor some, author marketing has always been the monster under the bed. For many others, they hear marketing and think “selling”—aggressive, obnoxious, weight-loss-infomercial selling—and want no part of it. But what if I suggested we look at marketing with a new lens? A lens that is specific to us as writers. A lens that gives us permission to view marketing as another form of storytelling.


The Stories We Tell About Our Story

Although you’ve probably never looked at it this way, writers have an amazing advantage when it comes to marketing. We tell stories for a living. And our stories run deep. The events that lead up to, and are involved in, penning just one book carry with it infinite mini-stories ripe for the sharing.

We write fantasy because, as children, we read Tolkien and imagined inhabiting his worlds.

You write romance because of the goodbye letter he slipped under your door before you left for college.

We write crime because . . . well, let’s just say there are many wonderful reasons for writing crime that I’ll leave to your active imaginations.

The point is, we all have stories we can share about our stories. And from the minute we hit publish on that blog post, send that first query letter, or announce the idea for our novel to a dinner party of eager friends, we’re engaged in author marketing.

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