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Editing Rates

Grace brought my book to life, teaching me how to capture readers’ hearts through organically weaving depth and emotion into my scenes. Grace has a gift for knowing what I want to say better than I do, writing several of my favorite lines in my novel. After her editing, I received several requests from editors and agents, won multiple awards and got an offer of representation from an agent. TERRA WEISS, WINNER OF 4 ATLANTA WRITER’S BEST MANUSCRIPT AWARDS AND MAGGIE AWARD FINALIST

Terra Weiss

Author, The Wingmom Series


Editing Rates

Developmental Assessments start at $475*

• complete manuscript readthrough with comprehensive notes and recommendations on story, structure, and style
• check for goal-motivation-conflict dynamic and provide suggestions for improvement
• identify common big picture issues with pacing, conflict, voice, and character POV (point of view)
• may involve flagging recurring grammar and word-choice errors
• includes a detailed 3-5 page summary report addressing key developmental areas
• 30-minute post-assessment phone or video-conference consultation
*Manuscripts over 70k words may be subject to a higher rate.

Substantive Editing starts at $.024 per word**

• improve upon key structural elements
• rewrite and reorganize the manuscript as needed at the chapter, scene, and paragraph level
• address and correct common story issues such as head hopping, pacing, conflict, and inconsistencies
• provide document markups as necessary
• improve overall flow and clarity
• includes a detailed summary report
• 45-minute post-assessment phone consultation

Style/Line Editing starts at $.019 per word* 

• improve overall style and clarity
• identify, correct, and make recommendations for addressing issues at the paragraph and sentence level
• identify and correct awkward phrasing and improve word choice
• improve dialogue
• highlight overused words and phrases and suggest alternatives
• tweak “show don’t tell”
• does not involve major plot and story edits
• includes copyediting
• 30-minute post-assessment phone consultation

Copyediting starts at $.009 per word

• make corrections at the sentence level
• check for consistency issues with timelines, plot, and character
• address adherence to the Chicago Manual of Style and the author’s “house” style
• may result in significant document markups
• prepare the manuscript for proofreading and/or publication
• does not include plot or story edits

Proofreading starts at $.006 per word

• find and fix grammar, spelling errors, layout, and format issues
• make changes at the word level

Story Consultation

If you’d like to discuss specific elements of your manuscript or do deep-dives into concepts like arc, plot, story, and character development, a one-on-one consultation might be just the thing you need. Consultations are $60 per 45-minutes or $100 for a 90-minute session. During these consultations, I’ll use my training and expertise to help you hone your story. And if you’d like ongoing support as you revise your novel, we can schedule monthly consultations that allow us to work together as you complete your manuscript.

Tailored Packages

Do you need more than one editing service? Do you need only a portion of your manuscript edited? Email me at thewritersstation(@) and let’s set up a time to talk about how we can work together to help you meet your writing and publishing goals.


*Actual rates are determined after a sample review has been conducted and may vary based on the submitted manuscript and total word count.

**To determine cost, multiply total word count by price-per-word. Ex: 60k word manuscript would be 60,000 x .006 or $360

Click or tap here for more information on the various types of manuscript editing and how to know which one is right for you.

Grace helped develop, strengthen, and find my voice as a writer. Her professional, yet thoughtful, editing skills have stuck with me while I pursue a writing career. Under Grace’s tutelage, I have won or finaled in several prestigious writing contests, which resulted in agent and editor requests for my full manuscript. I will continue to call upon Grace’s editing skills and strategies in the future. CHRISTINA CRAYN, TALES FROM THE VIRGIN VAULT, FIVE-TIME WINNER OF THE ATLANTA WRITER’S CLUB BEST PITCH AWARD, FINALIST IN FIRE & ICE AND THE MAGGIE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE

Christina Crayn

Author, Tales From the Virgin Vault

Sample Edit

Email me today for information on how to get started with a sample edit. I’ll ask you some questions, have a look at a few pages of your manuscript, and help you determine the type of editing you’ll need. All edits are done electronically in Microsoft Word using editing and comment functions. For more information about editing services and rates, please email grace (@)