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This week in Writing and Publishing: Five for Friday

write or dieFive of the most interesting blog posts and resources about writing and publishing I’ve found on the web this week:

1.) The website Brain Pickings dissects author Zadie Smith’s 2008 lecture at Columbia University’s Writing Program in the post, Zadie Smith on the Psychology of the Two Types of Writers. It’s worth the read for this gem alone, “It’s such a confidence trick, writing a novel. The main person you have to trick into confidence is yourself.”

2.) Co-founder and publisher of Scratch magazine, Jane Friedman, wants you to ask yourself three questions about your new novel: Why make this? Why make this now? Who cares? In her post Friedman says if you plan on selling your work you need to ask the questions editors and agents will be asking, and you need to have the right answers. You can read her post, How to Tell If Your Story Idea Is Mediocre, here.

3.) Aerogramme Writer’s Studio’s November & December list of contests, competitions, and publications includes awards such as the John Steinbeck Short Story Award for a work of fiction up to 5,000 words and publications like Diverse Voices Quarterly which aims to be an outlet for “every age, race, gender, and sexual orientation.” Click here for Aerogramme’s complete list.

4.) Publishers Weekly reporting that New York Times reporter Stephanie Clifford landed a seven-figure book deal for her debut novel, Everybody Rise, a story about a female striver in Manhattan, circa 2006.  St. Martin’s Press acquired the novel which has already been sold for film to Fox 2000. Read more about Clifford’s deal here.

5.) The app, Write or Die, “aims to eliminate writer’s block by providing consequences for procrastination.” These consequences range from playing an annoying sound when you stop writing to actually deleting your writing, one word at a time, if you don’t keep typing. Write or Die is a little too stressful for me, but for you kamikaze writers out there, it might be the ticket to increased productivity. You can try Write or Die for free, or purchase the app for Mac or PC for $20.

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