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What Indie Authors Need to Know: IndieRecon Topic Recap

indiereconIf you’ve ever considered indie-publishing and you’re not following IndieRecon, you’re missing out. Really missing out. This is my second year “attending” the free online conference and after only a couple hours in, I’m already inspired. The conference runs from April 15 – 17, 2015, and includes blog posts, video, audio, live-streamed events, and twitter chats.

IndieRecon 2015 Topic: What Indie Authors Need to Know in 2015

I’ve watched the first topic, What Indie Authors Need to Know in 2015, and highly recommend this hour-long interview with Smashwords founder Mark Coker. It contains quite a few gems, hard truths, and motivation for any writer interested in indie-publishing.

A few highlights:
1.) Don’t limit yourself to one distributor. If you do, you’re missing the opportunity to present your work to readers, including those in the global marketplace.
2.) Collaborate with authors who write in the same genre. Box-sets are a great opportunity to cross-promote your writing.
3.) Spend more time writing and less time on social media. You need to have a book before you can market it.  *Bonus – if you’re spending time worrying about people stealing your books, ideas, etc., you’re wasting time.

Click here to watch the entire recorded interview on the IndieRecon website.  I’ll be back over the next couple of days with highlights from other sessions.